Mastering Lightroom CC: A Step-by-Step Guide to Boost Your Photos with Keywords

To add keywords to Lightroom CC, select the desired photo(s) in the library module, go to the Keywording panel on the right-hand side, and type the keywords into the text box. Press enter or click outside the text box to save the keywords.

How do i add keywords to lightroom cc?

To add keywords to Lightroom CC, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired photo(s) in the library module: To add keywords to your photos, you first need to select the photo(s) you want to work with. Click on the photo(s) to highlight them in Lightroom.

  2. Locate the Keywording panel: The Keywording panel is located on the right-hand side of the interface in Lightroom CC. It typically appears below the Histogram panel and above the Metadata panel.

  3. Enter keywords in the text box: In the Keywording panel, you will find a text box where you can enter keywords. Simply click inside the text box, and it will become active for you to start typing your keywords.

  4. Press enter or click outside the text box: After entering a keyword, you can press the enter key on your keyboard to add the keyword to the selected photo(s). Alternatively, you can click outside the text box or on another area of Lightroom to save the keywords. The keywords will be instantly added to the selected photo(s) in Lightroom.

Adding keywords to your photos in Lightroom helps organize and categorize your image collection. It enables you to search and filter your photos easily based on specific topics, locations, or themes. It is a powerful tool for photographers to efficiently manage and find their images.

Here is a quote from Ansel Adams, a renowned landscape photographer, that emphasizes the importance of keywording and organizing photographs: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Through the process of adding keywords, you’re actively making your photographs searchable and discoverable.

Interesting facts about keywords in Lightroom CC:

  1. Lightroom CC supports hierarchical keywording, allowing you to create a structured keyword hierarchy for better organization.

  2. You can create keyword presets in Lightroom, which makes it easier to apply commonly used keywords to multiple photos with a single click.

  3. Lightroom CC also provides keyword suggestions based on image content using its AI-powered features, saving you time in adding keywords manually.

  4. In addition to the Keywording panel, you can also add keywords by right-clicking on a photo, selecting Add Keyword Tags, and typing the keywords in the dialog box that appears.

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Table: Example keyword hierarchy

Category Subcategory Keyword
Travel Europe Italy
Asia Japan
Landscape Mountains Alps
Coastline Beach
Wildlife Mammals Lion
Birds Eagle
Street Photography Urban City
Street Art
People Portrait

By using keywords effectively, you can create a robust search system and quickly retrieve images based on specific criteria. It is a valuable practice for any photographer looking to stay organized and optimize their workflow in Lightroom CC.

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In the Library module, choose Edit Set from the Keyword Set pop-up menu in the Keywording panel. In the Edit Keyword Set dialog box, type keywords in the text boxes. Overwrite or select and delete keywords that you don’t want to include in the keyword set.

In Lightroom (cloud-based) and Lightroom mobile, it’s easy to add keywords:

  • Mobile: Go to Detail view then select Keywords view (iOS) / Info view (Android) and simply enter the keyword (s) – separate multiple keywords by a comma.
  • Desktop: Open the Keywords panel by clicking the Tag icon in the bottom right-hand corner and activate the Add Keyword field.

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In this YouTube video titled “How to add keywords in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC,” the process of adding keywords to images is explained. The video covers entering keywords in the import dialog, adding keywords in grid view using a keyboard shortcut, and using the paint can tool to apply keywords to images, even when they are not selected. Overall, the video demonstrates various efficient methods for adding keywords to images in Lightroom CC.

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How do I add a keyword list in Lightroom? How to Add Keywords in Lightroom. One of the simplest ways to add keywords to your image is to type them into the Keyword Entry Box at the top of the Keywording Panel. Simply highlight the image you want to add keywords to and then type words separated by a comma that describes the photo.

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How do I add text to Lightroom Classic CC?
Answer to this: Photo text and page text to add text to the page. Click on the blank area of the page. And then click on the add page text button that pops up at the bottom.

How do I add keywords after import in Lightroom? Add keywords to photos

  1. Type keywords in the field labeled Click Here To Add Keywords in the Keywords area of the Keywording panel.
  2. Click a keyword in the Keyword Suggestions area of the Keywording panel.
  3. Click a keyword from a keyword set in the Keyword Set area of the Keywording panel.

What is the shortcut for keywords in Lightroom?
As an answer to this: Shortcuts for adding keywords in Lightroom
Use Shift-Cmd+K on a Mac or Shift-Ctrl+K on a PC to open the Keywording panel and place the cursor in the larger keyword tags field.

In respect to this, How do I add keywords in Lightroom? Response: Keywords are basically metadata (or information) in the form of words you can add to an image file. This keyword metadata is added to your image in Lightroom’s Library Module – specifically in the Keywording Panel. To open the Keywording Panel in the Library Module, press the Lightroom keyboard shortcut "Cmd/Ctrl + 2."

How to synchronize images in Lightroom?
As a response to this: Click the Check None button at the bottom, then click the Keywords box. Lightroom displays the Keywords from the most selected image (i.e. the first photo that you selected) in the Keywords field. You can change them in the Keywords field if you need to. When you are ready click the Synchronize button.

How do I add keywords to a photo in Photoshop? To apply keywords to multiple photos, click and drag across the photos in the Grid View. To remove added keywords, press "Alt" (Windows) or "Option" (Mac OS) to change the Painter Tool to an eraser. Click the photo again, or click and drag across multiple images with the eraser.

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Accordingly, How do I create a keyword list? As an answer to this: Type in the Keywording panel. Create a new keyword using the Keyword List panel. Click the Keyword Suggestion buttons in the Keywording panel. Use Keyword Sets to group your most frequently used keywords.

How do I add a keyword to a photo in Lightroom?
The answer is: Person: Tick this box to let Lightroom know it’s the name of the person. The keyword appears under the People tab in the Keyword List panel. Add to Selected Photos: Add the keyword to the currently selected photo or photos. Don’t forget to click the Create button to create the new keyword!

Herein, Why is keywording important in Lightroom? Keywording photos should be an important part of everyone’s digital workflow in Lightroom. When keywords are added to images, those same keywords can later be used to search and find images in a Lightroom Catalog much more quickly – especially in a LARGE catalog!

Secondly, How do I delete a keyword Set in Lightroom Classic?
Response to this: To delete the keyword set, choose Delete Preset "Name Of Keyword Set" from the Preset menu. When you check the spelling of keywords, Lightroom Classic questions any words that aren’t in its dictionary. If a questioned word is spelled correctly, you can confirm its spelling by adding the word to the dictionary.

Correspondingly, How to add a keyword in Photoshop CC? The response is: Switch to Grid view by pressing G. Make sure that you can see the toolbar below the grid by opening the View > Show Toolbar option (or press T on your keyboard). Then, click on the Painter icon (the spray can). Once you click on it, you can type in a keyword in the box to the right. Just spray the images that need a keyword added.

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