Master the Art of GIF Communication: Step-by-Step Guide on Sending GIFs in Gmail

To send a GIF in Gmail, you can simply click on the “Insert Photo” icon in your compose window, select the GIF file from your device, and then click “Open” to attach it to your email.

How do you send a gif in gmail?

Sending a GIF in Gmail is a fun and creative way to enhance your emails and grab the recipient’s attention. The process is straightforward and can be accomplished with a few simple steps. Here is a detailed guide on how to send a GIF in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail: Begin by opening your Gmail account using a web browser on your computer or mobile device. Sign in with your username and password to access your inbox.

  2. Compose a new email: Click on the “Compose” button to create a new email. A compose window will appear, allowing you to enter the recipient’s email address, subject, and the body of the email.

  3. Insert Image: In the compose window, you’ll find a toolbar at the bottom. Locate the “Insert Photo” icon, which looks like a square shape surrounded by mountains.

  4. Choose the GIF file: Click on the “Insert Photo” icon and a pop-up window will appear. From here, you can choose the GIF file you want to send. You can either select a file from your device or use the Google Drive integration to browse and select a GIF file.

  5. Attach the GIF: Once you have selected the GIF file, click on the “Open” button. The GIF file will then be attached to your email, and you’ll be able to see a preview of it in the compose window.

  6. Add a message (optional): If you wish to add a message along with the GIF, you can type it in the body of the email above or below the attached GIF. This allows you to provide context or add a personal touch to your email.

  7. Complete the email: After attaching the GIF and adding any desired message, you can proceed to fill in the recipient’s email address, subject, and any other necessary fields. You can also include additional attachments, if needed.

  8. Send the email: Once you are satisfied with your email composition, click on the “Send” button to send the email along with the attached GIF. Your recipient will receive the email with the GIF, ready to be enjoyed.

It’s worth mentioning that Gmail has a file size limit for attachments which varies depending on the type of account you have. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the GIF file you choose is within the permissible file size limit to avoid any issues with sending the email.

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In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” GIFs are an excellent way to express your creativity and add more visual appeal to your emails. They can convey emotions, provide humor, or simply make your message more engaging. Learning how to send a GIF in Gmail allows you to unleash your creativity and make your emails stand out in a lively and expressive manner.

Here are a few interesting facts about GIFs:

  • GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and was introduced by CompuServe in 1987.
  • The GIF format supports both static and animated images and became popular due to its widespread support and portability.
  • The first GIFs made use of a limited color palette, which gave them a distinct retro look.
  • In recent years, GIFs have gained significant popularity on social media platforms and messaging apps, allowing users to express themselves in a dynamic and entertaining manner.
  • GIFs have even become an art form, with artists and designers creating intricate and visually stunning animations.

To further illustrate the topic, here’s an example table showcasing different types of GIFs you can send through Gmail:

Type of GIF Description
Funny GIFs Humorous GIFs that can brighten someone’s day or elicit a good laugh.
Reaction GIFs Expressive GIFs that capture various emotions, gestures, or reactions.
Cute/Fuzzy Animal GIFs Adorable GIFs featuring cuddly creatures, perfect for bringing a smile.
Cinemagraph GIFs Subtly animated images with specific, isolated motion, giving a unique touch.
Artistic GIFs GIFs that showcase artistic creativity, often utilizing various styles.

Remember, sending a GIF in Gmail can add an extra touch of personalization to your emails while making them more captivating. So, go ahead and harness the power of GIFs to liven up your email communications!

This video contains the answer to your query

In this video, Brad Dale provides a tutorial on how to send a GIF in Gmail. He demonstrates two methods – dragging and dropping the GIF into the email or attaching it via the file attachment option. After compressing the GIF, he successfully sends the email and confirms that the GIF displays properly. Brad encourages viewers to ask questions and expresses gratitude for their viewership.

Other viewpoints exist

How to insert a GIF in Gmail

  1. Download the GIF. Right-click on the GIF you’ve chosen and select Save image as to save it to your desktop.
  2. Insert a Picture. Compose a new email draft and select Insert photo from the options menu.
  3. Send your GIF Email. Compose a new email draft and select Insert photo from the options menu.

How to Add a GIF to Gmail

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Search for a GIF.
  3. Open the GIF’s page.
  4. Copy the GIF’s link.
  5. Open Gmail.
  6. … (more items)

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Keeping this in view, How do you attach a GIF in Gmail? Today I’m going to teach you how to insert a jiff into an email first you have to find a jiff you would like to use I happen to like this jiff of Nicolas Cage. Right click Save the image I’m going to

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Moreover, Can you put a GIF in an email? The good news is that most email clients – like Gmail – support GIF files. Animated GIFs work in all webmail clients and most desktop and mobile clients. The only email client that can be stingy about sending GIFs in emails is Microsoft Outlook.

Thereof, Does Giphy work in Gmail?
The answer is: GIPHY for Gmail. offered by Giphy, Inc. Add the power of GIPHY to your Gmail experience. Search and discover the best GIFs for your every email need quickly and easily.

How do I attach a GIF to Gmail on my iPhone?
Use emojis & GIFs

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open any app you can write with, like Gmail or Keep.
  2. Tap where you can enter text.
  3. Tap the Emoji icon. . From here, you can: Insert emojis: Tap one or more emojis. Insert a GIF: Tap GIF. Then choose the GIF you want.
  4. Tap Send .

Keeping this in consideration, How to send animated GIFs through Gmail?
Response will be: Gmail: Copy GIF link > select Compose > Insert Photo icon > Web Address (URL) > paste URL. Outlook: Select New Email > select Pictures icon > Pictures from File > insert downloaded GIF. Yahoo: Select Compose > select GIF icon > insert GIF. This article explains how to send animated GIFs through the Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail platforms.

Also to know is, How do I send a GIF in Outlook 365?
The response is: Although GIFs viewed on the Gmail mobile app are animated, you can’t send GIFs using the mobile app. Select Insert Photo icon > Upload . Find the GIF file saved to your computer and insert it into the email. Once Outlook is open, select New Email to start composing. In the top ribbon, select Pictures. Choose Picture from File in the drop-down menu.

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What should I know before sending a GIF email?
Check the file size. GIFs are a visual form of content. Even though they’re compressed, they can be sizable. Keep an eye on the size of your email before sending it; if your email is too large, it will take longer to send, longer to load, and it could trigger spam filters. Keep it to a minimum.

Also Know, How do I upload a GIF?
Answer: Select Upload if you have the image on your computer or Web Address (URL) if the image is on another site, such as Imgur. Upload your GIF image, and be sure to select Inline or As attachment in the bottom right-hand corner. Inline means to put the image into the body of the email.

Also, How do I send a GIF to an email?
Answer to this: Find a GIF that you want to send. Download the GIF by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Image As. Open your Gmail. Click on Compose. Enter the email that you want to send the GIF to. Select the Paperclip icon that represents the Gmail’s Attach feature. Find the GIF that you have just downloaded and double-click on it.

Keeping this in view, Can I send animated GIFs from Gmail mobile app?
The response is: While GIFs sent via Gmail will show up as animated in the Gmail mobile app, you cannot send animated GIFs from within the Gmail mobile app. You can insert an animated GIF image into an email with Gmail. You can upload a GIF file already saved to your computer or copy a GIF’s web address.

People also ask, How do I add a GIF to Google Chat? The reply will be: Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account . Optional: Enter a message. To add an emoji, click Emoji . To send a GIF, click GIF . If you use Google Chat on a work or school account, you may not have the option to send a GIF. To attach a file from your computer, click Upload file . The file is not added to Drive.

How do I upload a GIF?
Select Upload if you have the image on your computer or Web Address (URL) if the image is on another site, such as Imgur. Upload your GIF image, and be sure to select Inline or As attachment in the bottom right-hand corner. Inline means to put the image into the body of the email.

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